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For Referrers

Holding Hearts Psychology accepts clients who self-refer, as well as Medicare (Better Access Scheme) referrals and Private referrals via Medical Objects or email.  

In order for clients to receive a Medicare rebate, Sarah must be in receipt of a valid Medicare Better Access Scheme referral at the first consultation containing the following information: 

  • A referral letter and a mention of the MHCP, alternatively a copy attached

  • The client’s name, date of birth and address

  • The client’s diagnosis and a request for treatment

  • The number of sessions the client is being referred for

  • The GP's provider number

  • The referral must be signed and dated.


Provider Number: 5384645W


Please contact Sarah via email if you would like to discuss your client's presentation prior to arranging a referral. Sarah believes that an interdisciplinary team based treatment is the most effective when it comes to treating complex psychological problems.

Sarah typically reviews all referrals within 2 business days of receipt.

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